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My specialization is color correction and color grading, but I also do other post-production work like video editing, motion graphics, sound design, chroma keying, rotoscoping, etc.
As additional service, I can help you to make a copyright registration for your content, so you may elect to receive up to $150,000 worldwide in case of copyright infringements without extra expenses.
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I work with clients range from micro businesses to international companies, using the industry standard tools and workflows, while delivering individual approach and the service quality like big video production companies. My goal is to provide the best result and customer experience for my clients.
Please, take a look at some of my actual projects on Behance.

ExperienceMy specialization is a high-end video post-production. I've been doing color grading / correction for more than 5 years. I started like a photographer and a photo retoucher, then it turns into video shooting and color grading. By now I am a DI Colorist with great reviews from my clients. I worked on projects for the most famous international companies. Films in which I took part got awards at international festivals.
EducationI have a Master 's Degree graduated from National Research University of Electronic Technology (Moscow, Russia). I used my good fundamental knowledge in physics and electronic technologies to see the whole picture in details from the light that comes to subjects and reflects inside the camera to binary data that stores on hard drives and how it turns back to the image and processed by our brain.
I read books like Color and Light by James Gurney, as well as ISO technical documentation for video production, broadcasting and exchanging. I watch a lot of videos to keep up new trends in post-production and color grading.
SpecialityI deployed my own file transferring infrastructure to handle hundreds gigabyte files without issues. I have a web service like Google Drive / Dropbox and my own private bit-torrent tracker servers. In all cases, you download/upload files directly to me. All methods provide privacy, security and encryption for files transferring.


I have a color suite (a room for color grading with professional equipment) that fits ISO 3664 and ISO 12646. I calibrate my monitors regularly to provide the best color accuracy.
My Internet upload/download speed is 100 Mbps (1 Gbps by special request). It means that downloading/uploading a 1Gb file takes 10–90 seconds. I have also backup Internet line.
My workspace has uninterruptible power supplies for all devices, as well as RAID storage for data and a cloud backup.


For my work, I use DaVinci Resolve, Adobe After Effects, Adobe Premiere, Adobe Photoshop, Adobe Illustrator; Magic Bullet Suite and other Red Giant plugins; Mocha Pro, Beauty box, FilmConvert Pro, etc.


Role: Video Production, Color Grading